Sahil and Vedika Scene 1 Introduction

Sahil and Vedika Scene 1 Introduction
Sahil and Vedika Love Scene Aapke Aa Jane Se

Sahil and Vedika Scene 1st Episode 15th January 2018
Since Sahil’s Family Gets to Know the Truth about his Degree – that he failed in his college and has not graduated yet , Sahil’s Aunt Pressurizes Sahil to meet a girl and Get Married to her . Since Sahil Loves his Family so much , he decides to go and meet that girl .
Vedika on the other hand is ready for the meeting for her job . She goes to the same restaurant where sahil comes and Presumes that Vedika is that girl which he has to meet for marriage . That’s what Destiny Does…!!
Sahil Sits with Vedika and starts his conversation with the BIG ISSUE – AGE of Vedika . Vedika gets confused when she starts Hearing what sahil is saying and tells him that she has a 15 year old Daughter . Sahil gets shocked on hearing this . He Ultimately asks Vedika – ” Will You Marry Me ? ”
Vedika Gets shocked on hearing this Abrupt statement from Sahil. She gets Furious and gets off the Chair …!!

Never lose hope in your life . Even if Your loved ones are away from you , or they have left you , Just take a deep breath and RELEASE…… you never how such Confusions will Land you in a beautiful situation that might be your Future ..!! Stay Positive & wait for it..!!
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