Sahil Vedika Scene 2 Aapke aa jane se Serial

Sahil Vedika Scene 2 Aapke aa jane se Serial
Sahil Vedika Love Aapke aa jane se Karan jotwani Suhasi dhami

Sahil Vedika Scene 2 Aapke aa jane se Serial
Sahil gets to know that vedika is not the girl about which his aunt talked about . HE gets to know that she has come here for a job interview , but he kept on going , making a fool of vedika . when vedika gets furious over Sahil and getsĀ  up to walk away , Sahil Apologizes and Says that He came there to see a girl for marriage . Vedika gets a call from her boss that she will not be getting the job as she came to the wrong restaurant.

Vedika’s mother gives her the jewellery so that she could mortgage them and get the money – 2 lac rupees so that they can save their house and keep living inside the house. She goes to the jewellery shop and it was Sahil’s jewellery shop . She enters the shop and gives the jewellary to sahil’s brother in law to get some money . Sahil Notices vedika and sits beside her and asks her what she wants ? He offers her Jewellery from his shop but she denies. Meanwhile his brother in law enters and says that Vedika is lair and all the jewellery is fake it is not of pure gold and orders the security to make her leave out of the shop .

Financial Security is must these days . Making ourselves financially secure – Consumes us ..! It changes the whole scenario and changes our perspective towards life . These situations need You to stay strong and stay calm – and still focus on positive things in your life ..!! If you would like to share such experience with other viewers – share your story by commenting below .
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Sahil and Vedika Scene 1 Introduction

Sahil and Vedika Scene 1 Introduction
Sahil and Vedika Love Scene Aapke Aa Jane Se

Sahil and Vedika Scene 1st Episode 15th January 2018
Since Sahil’s Family Gets to Know the Truth about his Degree – that he failed in his college and has not graduated yet , Sahil’s Aunt Pressurizes Sahil to meet a girl and Get Married to her . Since Sahil Loves his Family so much , he decides to go and meet that girl .
Vedika on the other hand is ready for the meeting for her job . She goes to the same restaurant where sahil comes and Presumes that Vedika is that girl which he has to meet for marriage . That’s what Destiny Does…!!
Sahil Sits with Vedika and starts his conversation with the BIG ISSUE – AGE of Vedika . Vedika gets confused when she starts Hearing what sahil is saying and tells him that she has a 15 year old Daughter . Sahil gets shocked on hearing this . He Ultimately asks Vedika – ” Will You Marry Me ? ”
Vedika Gets shocked on hearing this Abrupt statement from Sahil. She gets Furious and gets off the Chair …!!

Never lose hope in your life . Even if Your loved ones are away from you , or they have left you , Just take a deep breath and RELEASE…… you never how such Confusions will Land you in a beautiful situation that might be your Future ..!! Stay Positive & wait for it..!!
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